agreement for frenzy services for customer sign


This agreement is made on (Date & time):
By and between both the parties (First Party: FRENZY EVENTS & Second Party which name, email id & signature are mentioned below at the end of the page).

The Second Party hereby appointed the First Party for providing its services in the U.A.E. pursuant to conditions herein under contained:

1) Payment Terms:
Client shall pay (50%) non-refundable deposit upon confirmation and then (50%) on delivery of equipments.

2) Proposal Validity:
One week from date of offer, subject to availability of equipment at time of booking.

3) Cancellation:
Incase of canceling the event between the confirmation date and before the delivery of the equipment, the First Party shall have the full right to keep the advance payment which has been paid by the Second party, and the Second Party declares that it is a correct moral and monetary compensation owed to the First Party as a result.

4) Natural Calamity:
If an event is canceled due to circumstances amounting to Natural Calamity (Such circumstances shall include but are not limited to, natural disasters, adverse weather and similar issues beyond our control), then the First party neither be liable to refund 50% advance deposit nor force for the 50% balance payment to the second party, as no event has occurred.

5) Care of Materials:
Materials will be delivered in A1-1 condition. Materials lost or irreparably damaged will be charged at our current replacement cost that shall be incurred by client.

6) Permission & Licenses:
Any government or municipal permissions and licenses required to undertake work will be the responsibility of the client and second party.

7) Staff:
Frenzy staff will remain on hand until such time as the Client and Frenzy deem handover and erecting are completed. Any additional requirements for staff to remain on hand throughout the event will be charged at our standard terms and prices.

8) Time Limit:
The Second Party hereby Declares that in the event of its Delay in clearing any of the payments due to the First Party, supply of electricity or permissions, or any of the matters which might cause cancellation or non-availability of execution either partially or fully of some items in the show. Hence, The First Party shall not be responsible of any compensation towards the Second Party for any losses or damages might occur to the Second Party as result of such cases. The Second Party may not Terminate this agreement less than seven days from the day of the event or the day that was agreed that the First Party would perform and in the case of terminating the event the First Party shall be entitled to the full amount under this agreement and shall be paid immediately.

Furthermore, In the event that the Second Party fails to pay any amounts within 20 days of their due date to the First Party after performing the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Second party shall pay to the First Party an amount of AED30,000/-, as penalty between the parties hereto as a result of such delay in payment.

9) Security:
The Client should provide 24 hours security for our equipments/materials from the date of installation until dismantling the items from the site.

10) Parental Supervision:
Supervision is required at all times. Frenzy shall not be responsible for any injury or damage to any person or property during the party.

Once the second party signs the agreement, that means client adheres to all the terms and shall be responsible of any injuries, damages or losses caused by breach of any of them.

11) The jurisdiction:
This Agreement shall be governed by the applicable laws in the United Arab Emirates, and the courts of Dubai shall have the full jurisdiction to rule over any dispute might arise between the Parties hereto.

This Agreement is executed in Dubai, in two Counterparts originally signed by the both Parties hereto, to act according to its terms and conditions.

First Party Name: FRENZY EVENTS