Stay safe. Have fun

No Party Poppers or Silly String to be used on our inflatable.

Children on the inflatable should be of a similar age and stature. Depending on the size of the unit, the guardian should monitor the number of children allowed on at any one time.

Make sure that children remove shoes, spectacles and any sharp objects, such as buckles, pens, knives etc. before entering the inflatable.

No flipping, no piling on, no wrestling and no horseplay on the inflatable shall be allowed. Any activity that is likely to result in injury shall not be allowed.

Users should not climb on walls or netting. Do not allow users who are taller than the outside walls, when standing on the inflated bed, to use the unit.

Do not play on the step/front apron. Never jump or play on a partially inflated unit.

Do not allow any person or group of persons to be on the unit, except those for whom it was designed. i.e. Older children must not beallowed on units intended for toddlers.

Children are not allowed to go near the electricity for the inflatable since it poses a danger and turning it off may deflate the unit and injure the children who are playing near it.

Do not go near the inflatable fan especially if you are wet. Play should not be allowed on wet surfaces or during persistent rain.

Due concern and awareness should be given to prevailing wind conditions. The inflatable can turn over in high wind, which could result in injury to users. Do not operate until adverse weather conditions cease.

► Frenzy Events cannot be held responsible for damage to underground cables or pipes in the vicinity of the inflatable. Please ensure the area chosen to inflate the inflatables is free of all the hazards.
► Frenzy Events will not be responsible for any injury or accident prior and after the party since we already have mentioned it on the Rules and Regulations..
► Once the party is over, the client will be responsible for the safety of their children and for the items that are left in their location until they are taken.